• Informal E-mail

    Hey everyone, 

    I have prepare an email to a friend who told me that he wants to join the Univerisity (English exercise) 

    I would like to share it with you, it is on the facilities in Dundalk too. The first article was writen is formal and this one is writen in informal:

    Hi *****,

    I’m very happy to hear that you want to study in DKIT. You’ll see the DKIT campus is really good and the facilities are so deadly. I want to share with you some facilities that I really appreciate.

    The first one is the Student services facilities. Here, in DKIT we are so lucky because we have a bank on the campus. It’s not necessary to go to the centre of the city, which is twenty five minutes from the campus if you need to withdraw money for your lunch, candies, or drinking. You can buy those things in the shop located in the campus too, which is dead handy when you want to eat something between two classes. There is also a café which offers many products too for your breakfast or your lunch.

    The second one is the library. In there, you find lots of stuffs (books and computers essentially), not like in your home university, believe me. This place is as well really nice when you want to revise your assessment or to practise oral exam, because it is a quiet place. You can borrow some DVD/Series too, especially if you want to improve your English.

    Finally, there are lots of activities which are mostly free. For instance, you can do rugby, soccer, volleyball, hurling, Zumba, kick-boxing, and so on. The issue is that you have timetables for all the activities and sometimes the activity that you want to do is unavailable because of your lessons timetables.

    I’m really excited to introduce my school to you, it’s amazing and I hope to see you next semester,



    I hope that you enjoy the comparison between the formal and the informal language, 

    Hope to see you soon, 


    Victor ^o^


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