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    Hey everyone, 

    I come back to you to present you the last journey that I did, in Liverpool. I chose to go to this city because I have some Erasms friends who live close to Liverpool (Landcaster). It was an opportunity to visit a famous city of England ans also to meet my friends. 

    As perhaps some of you know, Liverpool is an old harbour located in the Lancashire county (North-West of England). The city was really famous during the XXth century because 40% of the international trade pass to the Chester harbour. It was also an important city in the industry for the Common Wealth, therefore for England also


    Meanwhile, during the 60's - 70's The Beattle band play for the first time on the Cavern Pub. Then Many extremely famous band come to play in these pub (The Rolling Stones, the Who, Rod Stewart, Led Zeppelin, Chuck Berry, Michael Jackson,...) and nowadays you can still have some free concert or for less than 4 pounds. 

    Liverpool is also a reknown city for its two football club in First League : Liverpool FC and Everton. Liverpool FC is the famous one and have won in 2005 its last trophy, the Champions League (specific to Europe) and the Community Shield in 2006 (specific to England)


    I extremely enjoy my journey, it was pleasant becaue it xas sunny and the city is different than ones in Ireland. 


    I would like to share with you some place that I visited and well-liked :

    • Liverpool John Lennon Airport is an international aiport serving specifically North West England. It is located at 7.5 miles (12 kilometers) southeast of th city centre. The airport is named after Liverpudlian musician John Lennon of the Beatles. Between 1997 and 2007, the Liverpool John Lennon Airport was one of Europe's fastest growing airports, with an increasing annual passenger number close to 5 million in 10 years. (689.468 in 1997 to 5.47 million in 2007). Nevertheless, since 2007, the numbrs have since fallen and "only" 4.2 million passengers passed to the airport in 2013, making it the 12th busiest airport in United Kingdom. 



    • Albert Dock is a dock building, stores and warehouses. it was designed by Jesse Hartey and Philip Hardwick and opened in 1846. It was the first Britiain structure to be build up with iron, brick and stone, without strucutral wood. the Albert Dock was considered to be revolutionary dock because ships and boats were loaded directly to the stores. Thanks to its open yet secure design, these dock became a pleasant and popular store for valuable cargoes such as cotton, tea, sugar... During the Second World War, the Albert Dock was requisitioned by the Admiralty serving as the basis for the British fleet boats. The complex was damaged during air raids on Liverpool, notably during the Blitz in May 1941. After the war, the financial problems of the owners and the general decline of docking in the city meant that the future of Albert Dock was uncertain. Many plans have been developed for the reuse of buildings but none were successful and in 1972 the dock was finally closed. The Albert Dock has remained abandoned for nearly a decade, but the redevelopment of the dock began in 1981 when the Merseyside Development Corporation was set up. He finally opened officially in 1984.
    • Today the Albert Dock is a major tourist attraction in the city and its multiple use makes it one of the most visited places in the UK, outside the tourist attractions of London. It is a vital component of UNESCO designated World Heritage Maritime Liverpool City Mercantile and the host complex and warehouses also include the largest single collection of Grade I listed buildings anywhere in the UK



    • The Cathedral Church of Christ in Liverpool is the Anglican cathedral of the city. It is the seat of the Bishop of Liverpool. The cathedral was built on Mount Saint James in the heart of the city, between 1904 and 1942 on the plans of the architect Giles Gilbert Scott. The building was constructed in sandstone (excerpt in Woolton, a suburb of Liverpool), which explains its red color. It is the largest cathedral in the UK and the fifth largest monde4,5: It measures indeed 9687 m² (104,275 square feet). The definitive inauguration marked by the completion of the works, takes place the 15th of October in 1978 in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II after multiple complications related to the two World Wars that have not spared the city of Liverpool



    • The Cavern Club is a performance hall located in the center of Liverpool, UK. This is where, for the first time, their future manager Brian Epstein saw the Beatles play on 9 November 1961. Opened January 16, 1957, the club is named after the local present in the basement of the hotel, where the Beatles occurred repeatedly. In two and a half - from February 9, 1961 to August 3, 1963 - they gave 292 performances there, often at lunch time by English traditions, attracting a crowd of spectators more and more, is creating a nucleus of fans. Many other groups have played (including representatives of style merseybeat as Billy J. Kramer): The Rolling Stones, Arctic Monkeys, The Who, Pink Floyd, Oasis, Aretha Franklin, John Lee Hooker, The Ting Tings, the Kinks. 
    • The club still exists and a reconstruction of the place as it was in the days of the Beatles, the group is present in the museum, located on the Albert Dock in Liverpool. You can see the group members signatures and drawings on the back wall behind the stage.

      Currently, the Cavern Club is divided into two separate rooms: 

      1) The "vaulted" room (reconstruction of the Beatles), which gives priority to groups taking the music of the Fab Four.

      2) The "modern" room, with a larger stage and a sound system current, welcomes groups of all styles and nationalities.


     We were lucky, we saw a really good band (I can't remember their name) but they play Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Rolling Stones songs and so on. It was impressive and pleasant. 


    That's it for my trip in Liverpool (2 days). I enjoy so much the city and I hope to come back later,

    I hope you have enjoy these article on my journey in Liverpool, 

    See you soon, 


    Victor ^o^


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