• Facilities available to students at the Dundalk Institute of Technology (DKIT)

    Hey everyone, 

    As I promise you in my last article, this is the report on the facilities available in DKIT 


    The purpose of this report is to underline and emphasize the facilities in DKIT. It is focused on the information available on the DKIT’s website and on views expressed by the international students who were interviewed.

    Students services

    On the whole, students were surprised to discover that there is a bank on the campus. It is extremely useful to have one. For instance, students want to buy something on the café, students go to the cash machine and it is done. Usually, students tend to go to the city in order to withdraw cash while, here is the campus there is a bank. Hence, most of the students and teachers find it convenient.

    Besides, there is also a shop. In it, you can purchase stationary, confectionaries, books and DKIT gift. According to the students, the shop is a pleasant alternative between two classes for buying something to eat when the queues are too long at the café (which is expensive).

    Finally, there is a café which offers many products from different countries (croissant, scone, carrot cake, muffin, tea…). Nevertheless, the café is expensive. Therefore, most of the students prefer eating in their home when they can.

    The students services in DKIT are quite different from many Erasmus Universities, are they are extremely pleasant.


    There is one significant library which suggest a large amount of books. Nevertheless, according to International Students they have also several books on their home library. However they have not as many computers as here.

    Indeed, the library is a quiet place where students may work. Thus, there are many computers with free access in the library (Students/teacher need to connect with their ID). Nevertheless, it is hard to find a free one. It is convenient the exam time and quieter than in student accommodation.

    Finally, students and teacher can borrow DVD/Series from the library. It is a convenient service for the International Students who want to increase their English level.

    In short, the library is one of the most peaceful places in DKIT where students can work and improve their English.


    DKIT has a wide range of sports facilities, both public and private. There is a gymnasium and five pitches where students play football, rugby, hurling or Gaelic football (both typical Irish sports) or athletics (around the field).

    Furthermore, DKIT offers a room where students can work out. They have to pay 10 euros for using it while others sports are free. In the gymnasium students do Zumba, kick-boxing, taekwondo, yoga, badminton, table tennis, volleyball, basketball…

    There is a timetable for all the activities. Those activities tend to be extremely popular in the DKIT while, there is a large amount of sport that student cannot do because they have lessons. It is pity!


    To sum up, DKIT is well-provided with facilities for a university in a town of the Dundalk’s size and these are well-used by the students on the whole. Sports seems to be the most popular leisure in DKIT while the timetables do not allow students to do the sport they want.


    Perhaps, DKIT might ask students which sport they want to do and then give them their schedule. It is also recommended for the Student School Association that they suggest attractive price for Irish national event: in sport (rugby, hurling, Gaelic football) or greyhound race like the University does sometimes for some trip. 


    I hope that you enjoyed this article, 

    See you soon; next time I will present you in different article all my trip that I have already done 


    Victor ^o^

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