• Hey Everyone, 

     I arrived in Dundalk on January the 20th. This week there was the Erasmus Appointment : this was a presentation of the school and a discovery of some typical Irish sports discovery. I spend my time with people from different countries; it was amazing !

    I'll try to post you some pictures of the place where i am living, 

    See You Soon, 


    Welcome Dundalk


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  • My Room View

     Here is a view from my room 

    I hope you will enjoy it :)

    The campus is awesome, there is a wind turbine in the campus, 

    My roommates are coming from France, China and Spain,

    we are four for the moment

    The weather is damp and cold (around 0-2 degree)

    My Room View

     [Update the 29/01/15]

    Yesterday, it was snowing a lot and it stayed on the ground when I woke up this morning, 

    It was funny to see snow in Ireland because  I thought  I will see lots of rains, So...

    See you soon, 


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